Hello, my name is Ruby, I am 11-years-old, and this is my family’s story:

I live with my mum, Michelle, step dad, Bushy Beard, you may know him as Andrew, my big brother Carson (aged 13), and little brother Lewis, aged 8 months (although Lewis was not born until later on in the story).

Ingenious Gifts is a website Bushy Beard decided to design after finding out he was going to be a Daddy. He always wanted to create his own website and knew he wanted to help small businesses, so, after much deliberation, he created a website dedicated to selling handmade gifts. We all came up with the name of the website and I helped choose the colours and the fonts for the words - Ingenious Gifts was born (before Lewis!) in our living room (Lewis was not born in the living room either!).

Bushy Beard spent a lot of time on his computer on the purple spinney chair in our living room making it perfect. I didn’t get much chance to use his computer as he was always on it! Bushy Beard showed Carson the design to get the opinion of a ‘younger’ person! Carson also helped set up the Social Media accounts as Bushy Beard and Mummy didn’t know how to use them (don’t tell them I told you that!).

This is where Lewis was born!

Bushy Beard became a Daddy, I became a big sister and Carson became a big brother to our new brother - Lewis James on 23rd July 2018. Bushy beard didn’t go on his computer so much now, so I got to use it more!

When Bushy Beard was ready to start working again after Lewis was born, the next job was to decide on a launch date for the website – we were so excited this was actually going to be online. We decided to launch near my birthday and just before Christmas – 1st December 2018 - Ingenious Gifts would go live on the Internet!

Lots of people started signing up to sell their handmade gifts, which was brilliant! Bushy Beard was always on his laptop making changes - he is such a perfectionist! Things were going brilliantly at home and with the website, until, Saturday 16th February 2019.

31 people in the UK are diagnosed with a brain tumour every day

Things took a turn and mummy became poorly

I was at my Dad’s house and Mummy, Bushy Beard, Carson and Lewis went out for dinner. Mummy became poorly and had to go to A&E. They were there hours and mummy wasn’t allowed home until they had done some tests on her.

After the tests, Mummy got told she had a brain tumour and needed brain surgery (we found it really funny as they FOUND A BRAIN!). She was allowed to go home until the date of the operation on 15th March 2019. We were all really scared but knew she would be OK. She was only in hospital 3 days and then came home to recover. I was really pleased to have her home as I really missed her.

Brain tumours don’t care if you’re a mother, a husband or even a child - they can strike anyone at any time.

Obviously, Bushy Beard didn’t spend any time on our website during this time, but, he was thinking of ways he could give to a brain tumour charity to help support families like ours. We found The Brain Tumour Charity. The information on their website and the people we spoke to were super helpful so we wanted to support them as much as we could. Bushy Beard said he wanted to give some of what we make from the website to The Brain Tumour Charity.

Mummy is still recovering and it will take her ages to get back to normal (she wasn’t normal before so it WILL take ages!). It is a hard time for all of us, but we will get through it together, as one big family. She will need to go back to the hospital for checks for the next few years so they can make sure it is not coming back.

We will post regular updates on her if you would like to follow us on Facebook or Instagram that Carson helped setup.

Ruby Speed - Aged 11.